How the PCR test works

What is investigated?


The test can detect the RNA of active pathogens of the Corona virus in the human body. With an extensive evaluation in the laboratory, the test delivers a reliable result the following day when tested until 5:30 pm.* Due to its precise evaluation technique, it is considered the "gold standard" and - together with the rapid antigen test - is part of the federal government's official strategy against the corona pandemic.


How does the test work?


RT-PCR stands for "reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction". Via a throat swab a sample of RNA is taken. With the help of enzymes existing virus RNA of the pathogen coronavirus (SARS-CoV2) is transformed into DNA under laboratory conditions. The DNA strands of the sample are then detached from one another. Next, specially matched so-called primers are attaching to the existing virus DNA, which is then replicated in the last step. This process is repeated several times. Thus the amount of virus DNA is further increased.


As a result of the multiplication, the laboratory can precisely detect the presence of then existing virus DNA via a visual signal. Usually this process is completed the following day when tested until 5:30 pm.*

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The test in 3 steps

Take a sample

The swab is taken from the throat cavity.


Laboratory evaluation


The sample is sent to our laboratory where it is evaluated under the appropriate conditions.

The test result


The result provides you with an indication of a possible infection with the virus the following day when tested until 5:30 pm*.


Safest test result the following day when tested until 5:30 pm*

[Mon-Fri following day, Sat-Sun in ca. 2 days]

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