How the

rapid antigen test works

What is investigated?


The test can detect active pathogens of the Corona virus in the human body. After 20 minutes, we will provide you with the result (lateral flow principle).


How does the test work?


By taking a swab the test can detect protein fragments, which indicate a possible infection. You can choose if the swab is taken either from the deeper or shallow nasal or the throat cavity. These fragments picture a key fragment of the virus. Therefore, they specifically and evidently prove an infection. As soon as the targeted antigen’s concentration is high enough, it will connect with the specific antibodies. This process takes up to 20 minutes and leads to a detectable sign on the test strip, which makes it possible to formulate a test result. 


Due to the rather simple execution of the swab, the test provides a straightforward and qualitative “positive” or “negative” answer.

The test in 3 steps

Take a sample

The swab is taken either from the deeper or shallow nasopharyngeal or the throat cavity.


Rapid evaluation


The analysis of the test sample takes no longer than 20 minutes.

The test result


The result provides you with an indication of a possible infection with the virus.


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